2018 Oenology Seminar-Abstracts

This one-day seminar focuses on fermentation technology, management, and microbial diversity.
Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from international and local experts who will explore topics including microbial ecology in wild ferments, the use of non-Saccharomyces yeast, microbial contribution to regional wines, using oxygen to enhance fermentation performance, controlling colour and tannin extraction, and managing problematic fermentations.
“Our understanding of how microbiology and fermentation management contributes to wine quality continues to grow. However, fermentation is core to realising the true potential of your fruit. This seminar aims to translate current research to practical knowledge for the wine industry”, says Assoc. Prof. Paul Grbin, Chair of the Program Committee.
In addition to the conference sessions, delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in an industry wide discussion on the merits of inoculated vs uninoculated fermentations. The topic is sure to provide passionate and thought-provoking arguments from both sides, “this is a fight for the heart and soul of wine and we, as scientists should make our position clear.” says ASVO Director David Wollan