All Australian Wine shows are invited annually to provide information on pre or post auditing, including the auditor that they have used and any identified issues.The purpose of the survey is to collect key measures on wine show characteristics to develop a better understanding of national wine practices and behaviours. It will also be used to ensure that our register of experienced wine show auditors is up to date. ASVO maintains this register of Auditors as a free service.

Your responses will be completely confidential. Data is only used in an aggregated, de-identified form and no data will be used or provided that allows the identification of any individual.
ASVO will collate the results of this survey across all Australian Wine Shows that participate and provide the summary results back to your show committee in April.

  • The survey should take less than 2 minutes to answer.
  • All responses are confidential and are for internal use only.
  • The survey is time sensitive and will close on¬†15¬†December 2023


If you are unsure of these definitions, please refer to section 4.7.6 of the 2020 ASVO Wine Show Best Practice Recommendations.

The aim of auditing is to discourage any breach of regulations by an exhibitor, whether through carelessness or deceit, and assure other exhibitors, wine trade, press and consumers that high standards are being maintained.

Wine shows may appoint external or internal auditors

This is optional, it will be used to enable other wine shows to request their services as an auditor.

The purpose is to provide information on the transition to electronic judging.