Our members are at the heart of everything we do. These stories introduce the faces behind our members and should help give you an insight into the people who value their professional association. As a member, this is one way ways to connect with a supportive, motivated and inspiring member community.
Here’s what a few of them had to say about being members of ASVO

Dr Katie Dunne

  • Member since 2007
  • Regional Director 2021

 “ I would recommend the ASVO as it enables all facets of the industry to come together for the common goal of sharing scientific knowledge with the goal that it can be practically applied.  ”

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Caroline Bartel


  • Member since 2019
  • AWITC Fresh Science winner 2019

“I would recommend ASVO to my colleagues as they provide opportunities for researchers to get their research out to industry.”

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Dr Harley Smith


  • Member since 2016
  • AWITC Fresh Science winner 2019

“I believe that there is unique opportunity for young people to contribute new ideas to solve the world’s most pressing problems in a rapidly changing environment.”

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Dr Eveline Bartowsky


  • Member since 1994
  • Journal Associate Editor 2014-present
  • Seminar planning committee

“I very much believe in being a member of your chosen career society, it provides opportunities to meet like-minded people, and learn about current research at local seminars and conferences”

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Dr. Kathy Evans

  • Member since 2005
  • Associate Editor for the Australian Journal

What makes a Society is a group of passionate people who create a good environment for professional networking and learning. ASVO punches well above its weight. The social events are awesome!

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Andy Clarke

  • Member since 2014
  • Director (Elected November 2018)
  • Nuffied scholar

The value of the ASVO is it gives an opportunity for industry to engage with not only itself, but the research community also.

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Dr. Catherine Wanjiru Clarke


  • Member since 2018
  • ASVO Viticultural paper of year 2018

Australia is fortunate to have ASVO as a professional society in viticulture and oenology with members who are passionate and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.

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Dr. Mardi Longbottom

  • Member since 1995
  • President (2014-16) and Vice President (2013 and 2017)

The Tech Conference and ASVO events are great places to meet people from a broad spectrum of roles. When you’re given a contact, follow up on it, there are so many people out there willing to help.

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Dr. Dimitra Capone

  • Member since 2014
  • Journal advisory committee member
  • Journal Author & reviewer

I highly recommend joining. It keeps you up to date with the latest in the industry and provides discounted members pricing for attendance to various seminars, workshops and conferences.

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Richard Fennessy

  • ASVO Member since 2010
  • Director (Elected November 2018)
  • ASVO AWAC Scholarship 2015

I believe that it is important that our industry has a professional society that supports education, research and the dissemination of technical information.

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Dr. Richard Smart

  • Member since 1981
  • Inaugural Editorial Board member
  • Fellow of the Society 2018

If you enter the wine business you will meet the most wonderful people, travel a lot and see beautiful places

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Wendy Cameron

  • ASVO Member since 1996
  • 2012 Winemaker of the Year
  • 2018 Award Advisory committee (Chair)

The more members, the better the organisation and the more diverse the ideas, so I would strongly recommend that people get involved.

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Assoc. Prof. Kerry Wilkinson

Associate Professor of Oenology at the University of Adelaide

  • ASVO Member since 2005
  • Journal Advisory Committee
  • Deputy Editor

ASVO connects me with people who share my interests in wine, chemistry, research and education.

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Dr. Rob Walker

Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO

  • ASVO Member since 1991
  • Associate Editor

I have enjoyed the opportunity to pass-on a lot of what we have learned.

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Chen Liang

University of Adelaide

  •  ASVO Member since 2015

Winning the  award was great encouragement for me to keep working on my exciting and challenging project.

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Dr. Patrick Iland OAM

Patrick Iland Wine books

  • ASVO Member since 1980
  • Fellow of the Society

Through ASVO I remain connected with many students and staff.

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David Wollan

  • Member since 1981
  • Regional Director 2016 – 2018
  • Journal advisory committee 1981 -1996
  • AWITC planning committee

 “Ask not what your society can do for you. Ask what you can do for your society.”

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