The ASVO strives to promote the advancement of professional knowledge, professional skills and professional attitudes, in the fields of viticulture and oenology, in members of the Society. As an industry, we are fortunate to have many very skilled and professional people who are contributing significantly to the industry, inspiring those around them to seek out and adopt innovative practices. The ASVO Awards for Excellence recognises the achievements of some of the most dedicated and professional individuals in the wine industry.

ASVO Wine Science and Technology Award

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This award honours an outstanding individual who demonstrates a broad positive contribution to the Australian wine industry and / or community, improvement from standard practice in their field through adoption of innovative practices, technologies or standards, and contributes positively to the culture of their organisation and the broader wine industry in either a regional, state or national capacity. The nominees’ activities for which they are being recognised must have occurred within Australia over the previous five years.

Selection advisory committee

ASVO Award recipients are nominated by ASVO members, with the finalists decided by an ASVO Board appointed advisory committee, comprised of individuals who themselves are distinguished in the fields of viticulture and oenology who demonstrate exceptional leadership ability and vision. The ASVO committee is identified from members of the ASVO and is formed with due regard to the balance of gender, geographical location, and expertise

Presentation of the Award

Winners of the ASVO Viticulturist and ASVO Winemaker of the year, along with the ASVO Best Viticultural Paper of the Year, Best Oenology Paper of the Year, and the Dr Peter May Award for the most cited AJGWR paper published in the previous five years, are announced at an Awards ceremony and dinner in November each year.

Past Winners

2023Professor Andrew Clark

The Wine Science and Technology award recognises Professor Andrew Clark for his development of innovative analytical practices at the Gulbali Institute and Charles Sturt University in Melbourne.    

Specifically, Andrew has developed novel methodologies for the measurement of different metal forms in wine. His work has created new knowledge, analysis techniques and wine production approaches relevant to the role of metal ions (especially copper) in the stability and ageing of wine. 

Given his long academic career at Charles Sturt University, Professor Clark has taught wine chemistry to a significant portion of Australia’s bachelor graduates in oenology.  

Andrew says, “I’m honoured to be considered for this award. I have a great passion for conducting wine chemistry research, alongside my research team and collaborators, and to be involved in the education of the enthusiastic next-generation winemakers and viticulturists.”

2022Darren Fahey, DPI NSW

Darren has led numerous applied demonstration and scientific trials to drive practice change and realise adoption across the wine industry in his role as Development Officer for the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Darren’s contribution to the wine industry is extensive with a multitude of projects, events, workshops, presentations and publications over the last 5 years that have raised awareness, educating and adoption.

The committee remarked that Darren demonstrated his contribution through on-the-ground action, implementing best practice and the uptake of work by contractors and wineries, the high level of education work in the industry and clear engagement with the ASVO values at a personal level through level of volunteering & activities undertaken.