The ASVO strives to promote the advancement of professional knowledge, professional skills and professional attitudes, in the fields of viticulture and oenology, in members of the Society. As an industry, we are fortunate to have many very skilled and professional people who are contributing significantly to the industry, inspiring those around them to seek out and adopt innovative practices. The ASVO Awards for Excellence recognises the achievements of some of the most dedicated and professional individuals in the wine industry.

ASVO Wine Science and Technology Award

This award honours an outstanding individual who demonstrates a broad positive contribution to the Australian wine industry and / or community, improvement from standard practice in their field through adoption of innovative practices, technologies or standards, and contributes positively to the culture of their organisation and the broader wine industry in either a regional, state or national capacity. The nominees’ activities for which they are being recognised must have occurred within Australia over the previous five years.

Nomination guidelines

•    Nominees for Awards must be ASVO members with a current subscription actively working in the Australian wine industry.
•    The nominees’ activities for which they are being nominated must have occurred within Australia.
•    The majority of the nominees’ activities for which they are being nominated must have occurred within the last 5 years. If the activities commenced prior to this, major new initiatives or significant differences must have occurred within the last 5 years.


1.    Nominee can be nominated or self-nominated and:
2.    Be an individual (organisations can nominate an individual)
3.    Be a member of ASVO with a current membership subscription
4.    Be working in one of the areas of:

  1. Grape and wine science
  2. Wine Laboratories
  3. Education/extension with direct industry application
  4. Application of technology

Award Criteria

Innovations and or process improvements in the last 5 years that have made an impact (reduce costs, increase speed and optimise resource use) on the wine industry/business.

  1. Leadership (10 marks) 500 word limit
    Describe any instigation or adoption of innovative and original approaches or technologies, particularly in relation to the drivers, vision and objectives that you have made within the last 5 years.
  2. Contribution (10 marks) 500 word limit
    What benefits have these improvements brought to production and the production team?
  3. Education (10 marks) 500 word limit
    How have you sought to share the innovative practices, technologies or standards to the broader wine industry?
  4. Values (10 marks) 500 word limit
    How have you sought to engage with the values of the ASVO

Selection advisory committee

ASVO Award recipients are nominated by ASVO members, with the finalists decided by an ASVO Board appointed advisory committee, comprised of individuals who themselves are distinguished in the fields of viticulture and oenology who demonstrate exceptional leadership ability and vision. The ASVO committee is identified from members of the ASVO and is formed with due regard to the balance of gender, geographical location, and expertise

Presentation of the Award

Winners of the ASVO Viticulturist and ASVO Winemaker of the year, along with the ASVO Best Viticultural Paper of the Year, Best Oenology Paper of the Year, and the Dr Peter May Award for the most cited AJGWR paper published in the previous five years, are announced at an Awards ceremony and dinner in November each year.