The AWAC Scholarship selection committee comprises a range of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in the area of wine show judging and wine sensory assessment. Each judge, rates all of the applications based on set criteria, and ranks the applicants based on their opinion of their suitability for the scholarship.

2023 AWAC

Amelia AnspachSam ConnewTony DevittMatt HarropAdrian SparksSarah Pidgeon

2023 AVC

Kristy BartropMurray Edmonds

Brendon Gledhill

Catherine Kidman

Richard Leask

John Whiting

Past scholarship judging committee members:

  • Sue Bastian
  • Pete Bissell
  • Sue Bell
  • Nick Bulleid M.W.
  • Bryan Currie
  • Rob Diletti
  • Sue Hodder
  • Sarah Crowe
  • Jeremy Dineen
  • Mark O’Callaghan
  • Chris Pfeiffer
  • Trina Smith
  • Virginia Willcock
  • Corrina Wright