2023/24 Growing Season Review

Discussion on issues faced during the growing season for the 2024 vintage. Many growers anticipated a hot dry season but wetter than expected conditions prevailed across most regions creating some issues with disease pressure.


  • Nick Dry-Chair
  • Liz Riley- NSW
  • Matt Partridge - Vic
  • James Hook - McLaren Vale
  • Lee Haselgrove -WA
  • David Hansen - Barossa



2022/23 Growing Season Review

Growing season 2022 may be a wrap for most growers, but the next step is interpreting what practices worked, and those that didn't and applying gained knowledge to vineyards going forward.
Growers are invited to share their successes and challenges of the growing season with a focus on the learnings gained.


  • Brooke Howell -Chair
  • Liz Riley- NSW
  • Rob Sutherland - Vic
  • Colin Bell -WA
  • Greg Mader - NSW