The ASVO came into being because an interested group of oenologists and viticulturists had a vision of creating a professional society to further technical research within the grape and wine industry. Without the drive and dedication of the early committee members, it is unlikely that the Society would have been borne. For over half of its life the ASVO was unstaffed, and administered solely by voluntary committee members, yet it managed to grow considerably. With the employment of a part time Administration Manager in 1996 the membership of the Society doubled over the course of a decade. Throughout these years dedicated committee members have worked to keep their members abreast of the latest wine and vine science.

40 Year celebration collection of memoirs from founding members here

We thank the following individuals who have served as ASVO president:  

1980-1985Mark Babidge
1985-1986Brian Croser
1986-1988Terry Lee
1988-1990Bill Hardy
1990-1991Tony Jordan
1991-1992Brian Freeman
1993-1995Gary Baldwin
1995-1998Peter Hayes
1998-2001Richard Hamilton
2001-2004Garry Wall
2004-2006Chris Dundon
2006-2008Steve Partridge
2008-2009Russell Johnstone
2009-2011Mark Krstic
2011-2014Paul Petrie
2014-2017Mardi Longbottom
2017- 2019Tony Robinson
2019-Brooke Howell