2020 ASVO Best Practice Recommendations

These recommendations, and especially the Wine Show Standards, provided an up-to-date guideline for use by wine shows when compiling regulations and planning the conduct of shows. The Standards also addressed many issues identified as challenges within the current wine show system, including class sizes, numbers of entries, judge fatigue, varying regulations between shows, judge training and entry criteria.

ASVO Best Practice Recommendations

Wine Show Auditor Procedures

All national and most regional wine shows have formal audit procedures in their regulations to guarantee the integrity of exhibits and results. The aim of auditing is to discourage any breach of regulations by an exhibitor, whether through carelessness or deceit, and assure other exhibitors, wine trade, press and consumers that high standards are being maintained.

Wine Show Auditor Procedures

Wine Show Auditors

ASVO maintains this register of auditors as a free service providing wine shows with a list of appropriate auditors, qualified by their experience and capability to conduct an audit. We remain completely independent from dealings between wine shows and auditors and any agreements, contracts, engagement of Auditors or fees for auditing work must be negotiated between the show and the auditor prior to the audit being undertaken.

The ASVO has a strong commitment to ensure that this initiative continues, promoting the professional development of wine show judges and associates. This register will be updated regularly and further recruitment of auditors continues.

Access to the current list of Auditors is protected. To obtain contact information email asvo@asvo.com.au

Please take reasonable steps to protect this personal information from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Wine Show Auditors

Wine Show Judges

The ASVO Wine Show Judge Register was an initiative of the ASVO Wine Show Committee and was created in order to capture and record all relevant judging history of those industry colleagues who wish to be promoted as wine show judges.

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Australian Wine Show register

This  is a list of Australian wine shows updated annually by the ASVO in communication with the various show contacts to keep this information accurate to the best of our knowledge. This register is maintained to ensure that wine shows can contact one another in the event of a audit breach or other requirement.

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