The Board of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO) elects Fellows from amongst its Members who have made a particularly outstanding and meritorious contribution to the grape and wine industry. The purpose of the honorary membership category of Fellow of the Australian Society of Viticulture & Oenology is to recognise the exemplary contribution by a Member to the Society and to the discipline and/or profession of Viticulture and/or Oenology. Fellows of the Society actively support and promote the interests of the Society and encourage the development of the discipline and the profession.

Criteria for election to the honorary membership category of Fellow

The criteria for election as a Fellow include a major contribution in an industry, scientific, educational or Society role, having been a Member of the Society for at least ten years, and has made a significant contribution to the aims and operation of the Society.

To be nominated as a Fellow, a Nominee must be a Member who is a natural person. Criteria for the honorary membership category of  Fellow are set out in Clause 6.3 of the ASVO Constitution. Elaboration of these criteria, procedures for election of Fellows, and requirements for Nominators, Seconders and Referees are outlined in the Fellow Nomination and Selection Policy of the ASVO Board of Directors.

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In summary, the nomination must satisfy the Board of Directors that the Nominee meets the following three criteria:
1.    Has made a particularly outstanding and meritorious contribution to the grape and wine industry through a major industry, scientific, educational or Society role.
This may be demonstrated by evidence in any of the following criteria:
  a.    Application of the nominee’s expertise in viticulture or oenology towards innovative endeavours, adopting research, and or defining best practice in their field of expertise;
  b.    Contribution to the knowledge base of the profession through excellence in research and its dissemination;
  c.    Contribution to education in Viticulture and/or Oenology, through leadership which has substantially encouraged Viticulture and/or Oenology research and/or practices. Examples may include exemplary supervision and mentoring of students or other leadership activities which encourage professional development in Viticulture and/or Oenology, serving on the ASVO Board of Directors or a subcommittee of the ASVO Board or an advisor to the ASVO Board.

2.    Has achieved at least 10 continuous years of full (not concession) membership at the time of nomination.
a.    The nominee must have maintained their membership for a period of not less than ten years after becoming a Member of the ASVO.

3.    Has made a significant contribution to the industry through activities that reflect the aims and operation of the Society.
This may be demonstrated by evidence in any of the following criteria:
a.    Contribution to the ASVO publications, proceedings, and the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research e.g. author and/or editorial activities;
b.    Contribution to ASVO Seminars and events e.g. invited contribution to ASVO Seminars, events or publications;
c.    Contribution to ASVO partner events e.g. invited contributions to AWITC committees, providing presentations, workshops, or other formal activities.
d.    Representing the ASVO or the professions of Viticulture and/or Oenology to other professions, community groups, or in the public arena.

Nominations should include
Career summary
Please list the main positions and offices held by the nominee.
Awards and recognition
Provide a short description of any honours, awards or other recognition the nominee has received
Achievement and Contributions
Provide examples and/or commentary which demonstrate the nominee’s excellence in achievement or contribution to the wine industry and/or the ASVO, including career or service records

Nomination process

1.    Any member of the ASVO may recommend another eligible ASVO member for consideration as a Nominee via online or written documentation highlighting the member’s accomplishments.
2.    All nominations are confidential and the person being nominated should not be advised of the nomination or approached for information.
3.    All nominations will be screened upon receipt to ensure that the eligibility criteria and submission requirements have been fulfilled.
4.    The Nominator may be asked to revise the nomination to meet the criteria before the nomination will be considered by the Board of Directors.
5.    Nominations are considered annually by the ASVO Fellows Selection Advisory Committee, which is appointed by the ASVO Board of Directors.
6.    All completed nominations are routed to members of the Fellows Selection Advisory Committee for simultaneous consideration.
7.    There is no limit to the number of individuals nominated each year and nominating more or fewer individuals does not affect the outcome.
8.    Nominees do not compete with each other for selection. Selection is based solely on professional excellence and outstanding accomplishments as presented in the nominations.
9.    Nominees not selected for the award in the year of the initial nomination shall be kept on file for automatic consideration again the following year, without requiring renomination.
10.    The ASVO retains possession of all nominations and rights to their usage in conjunction with the Fellow program.

Closing Date and receipt of nominations

1.    Nominations must be received by the ASVO by the close of business on or before 31st July each year.
2.    Nominations may be made through the online nomination form, you need to provide:
a.    the names and email contact of one Nominator, one Seconder, and one Referee.
b.    the statement of support for the Nominee
3.    All nominations will be acknowledged on receipt.
4.    Late and/or incomplete nominations will not be accepted.
5.    The name(s) of successful Fellows will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the ASVO.

The Fellow Nomination Guidelines  is designed to assist Nominators and Referees when completing a nomination. Please read this document carefully to ensure that your nomination complies with these requirements

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