Monday 29 June






Session 112:00 – 1:3011:30 - 1:0012:00 – 1:3010:00 – 11:30
Session 22:00 – 3:301:30 - 3:002:00 – 3:3012:00 -1:30
Session 34:00 – 5:303:30 - 5:004:00 – 5:302:00 – 3:30

Session 1 Winning the long game

Setting the scene for the seminar, wine industry leaders will provide their perspective on the critical questions: how did we get here, what is the current state of play and how will we win the long game? Bringing her Australian and global insights, Sophie Taylor-Price will also explore these questions and bring her own outlook to the session including ‘2020, the case for optimism’.

Chair - Brooke Howell, Yalumba and ASVO President

  • Colin Bell, AHA Viticulture
  • Sophie Taylor-Price
  • Louisa Rose, Yalumba
  • Tony Battaglene, Australian Grape and Wine Inc.


Session 2 Towards a sustainable future - mitigating climate change

The wine industry is a small player with regard to its role as a greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter. However it’s important to understand the sources, quantum and opportunities to reduce our emissions, along with our impacts on climate change and the importance of climate change in our overall sustainability strategy. This session will provide an update on our GHG emissions footprint, the simple and innovative ways in which vineyards and wineries are reducing emissions, the business case for emissions mitigation and an exploration of CO2 capture in brewing

Chair - Mardi Longbottom, AWRI and ASVO Director

  • Eric Wilkes, AWRI
  • Shannon Sutherland, Rymill Coonawarra
  • Alex Trescowthick, Redhead Wines
  • Dorota Clausen, PRW
  • Michael Pecar, Bright Engineering Consultants

Session 3 Adapting to a changing climate

The Australian wine industry has been experiencing and adapting to climate change at a rapid rate both on the ground and in research. The final session of Day 3 will showcase the capacity for rapid adaptation in the vineyard and a range of research, tools and resources to support further adaptation and future planning, including a new atlas of regional climate modelling and climate scenario modelling for viticulture. Professor Manfred Stoll joins the session to share an overview of climate change research from Geisenheim University in Germany.

Chair – Liz Riley, Vitibit

  • Manfred Stoll, Geisenheim Universit
  • Bec Harris, UTas
  • Peter Hayman, SARDI
  • Wendy Cameron
  • Peter Bird, Casella

Tuesday 30 June






Session 412:00 – 1:3011:30 - 1:0012:00 – 1:3010:00 – 11:30
Session 52:00 – 3:301:30 - 3:002:00 – 3:3012:00 -1:30
Session 64:00 – 5:303:30 - 5:004:00 – 5:302:00 – 3:30

Session 4 The changing landscape

This session address tackling some of the industry’s real challenges, beginning with one of the biggest threats to the survival of the wine industry – water scarcity. The session will then switch gears to focus on biosecurity, the impacts of climate change on grape pest and disease threats and adapting to a future where vineyards are managed using limited chemical control options.

Chair – Tony Robinson, Oakover and ASVO Director

  • Ashley Keegan, FABAL
  • Paul Petrie, SARDI
  • Liz Riley, Vitbit
  • Jo Luck, Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative, Hort Innovation
  • Anna Hooper, Australian Grape and Wine Inc.

Session 5 Fire - impacts, monitoring, remediation and managing the message

In the summer of 2019/2020, numerous Australian wine regions were affected by fire. Australia has a strong track record of research into the effects of smoke on wine and, more recently, monitoring smoke and remediating smoke-affected wine. This session brings together the researchers at the front line of smoke research and will also discuss how to best communicate the messages about fire, smoke and wine.  

Chair - Dr Mark Krstic, AWRI

  • Markus Herderich, AWRI
  • Kerry Wilkinson, University of Adelaide
  • Ian Porter, LaTrobe University
  • Fabienne Reisen, CSIRO
  • Julie Culbert, AWRI
  • Angus Barnes, NSW Wine

Session 6 Making our wine businesses sustainable

The main game for all of us is to ensure our businesses are sustainable. This requires a 360-degree view of all aspects of the business and its operating environment. Session 6 will explore the challenge of accessing finance in a changing climate, the benefits of diversity in the workplace, defining the value proposition and working towards sustainability at the business and regional level and the importance of business agility when responding to crises.

Chair - Lynda Schenk, WCA

  • Sandra Taylor, Sustainable Business International LLC
  • James Bentley, NAB
  • Hayley Purbrick, Tahbilk Wines
  • Jen Lynch, McLaren Vale Grape Wine & Tourism Association

Wednesday July 1






Session 712:00 – 1:3011:30 - 1:0012:00 – 1:3010:00 – 11:30
Session 82:00 – 3:301:30 - 3:002:00 – 3:3012:00 -1:30
Session 94:00 – 5:303:30 - 5:004:00 – 5:302:00 – 3:30

Session 7 Do consumers care about sustainability?

‘Sustainable wine’ is a nebulous but expanding category. New insights into consumer knowledge and preferences will be discussed including Marcus Ihre from System Bolaget, Sweden which is spearheading the sustainability category. The panel session will be joined by producers who will discuss their approach to communicating sustainability in the marketplace.

Chair – Armando Corsi, Uni SA and WCA Director

  • Rodney Sammut, Wine Intelligence
  • Marcus Ihre, System Bolaget
  • Cath Oates, Oates Endes
  • Jing Cao, CLCA

Session 8 Doing it differently

Session 8 hones in on ‘doing it differently’. Change starts in the vineyard, from vineyard design to variety choices and soil management – grape and wine quality is the end-goal. Rob Glastonbury will give us insight into winery-based data-driven decision-making. In a future where we are all doing it differently to survive, how can we capitalise on this and tell more impactful stories.Chair – Andy Clarke, GAIA and ASVO Director
  • Rob Sutherland, DeBortoli Wines
  • Dave Hansen, Hansen Consulting Group
  • Marty Gransden, Cumulus Wines
  • Rob Glastonbury, DeBortoli Wines
  • Angie Bradbury, Bradbury & Co

Session 9 The keys to success

The final session of the seminar will bring back our visionary leaders. Armed with the results of an audience poll, the panel will gaze into the crystal ball and give us their insights into the risks we face in the future and their vision for the research, the technology and the skills we will need to win the long game.

Chair - Brooke Howell, Yalumba and ASVO

  • Ashley Keegan, FABAL
  • Louisa Rose, Yalumba
  • Colin Bell, AHA Viticulture
  • Brooke Howell, Yalumba
  • Angus Barnes, NSW Wine Association

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