The ASVO has played an important role in the development of Best Practice Recommendations (BPR) for the Australian wine show system. In 2004 it published recommendations for Wine Shows, developed by an industry based ASVO Wine Show Committee, to act as guidelines for Australian wine shows to assist them in their objectives of improving and promoting the wine quality and style offering of the Australian Wine industry.

Ten years on, the ASVO and the wider wine industry believes it is time to review and update these recommendations as well as consider issues not addressed in the 2004 review. Thus the ASVO has again established an industry based Wine Show Technical Advisory Group (TAG), with members drawn from the wider industry, to review, revise and update the BPRs.

Dr Tony Jordan has accepted the ASVO invitation to Chair the TAG. He brings considerable judging, committee and exhibitor experience to the position. The ASVO has also nominated Board Member Dr Anthony Robinson to act as the secretary to the TAG. He has a particular interest and many years of involvement in the Australian Wine Show system.

The objective is to develop a single document that expresses current industry views on what constitutes best practice in the Australian Wine Show system including guidelines and recommendations.

Members of the TAG have been chosen to represent a wide range of industry interests including large and small companies, a wide range of regional origins, trade, press, links to wine show committees and links to the 2004 ASVO committee.