ASVO announces new Wine Show Best Practice Recommendations

The Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO) has this month released a comprehensive update and extension of its Wine Show Best Practice Recommendations (BPRs) following an extensive, industry-wide review process.

“With best practices continuously evolving in the wine industry, it is imperative that ASVO’s wine show BPRs remain relevant. The Society’s objective was to review and streamline the document to assist agricultural societies, regional bodies and other groups to conduct wine shows in a manner that is considered current best practice for the Australian wine show system,” said ASVO President Brooke Howell.

The recommendations reflect the evolution over the last five years and introduce and expand on topics including judge diversity, hygiene requirements, term of appointment of judges, relaxation on the minimum volume required to exhibit, and the removal of award transferability. The document has also been revised to become a more succinct, easier to read set of recommendations. Where differences of opinion exist across the industry, the recommendations reflect the debate and will continue to evolve in time.

“The advisory committee of 17 represented all the wine show system, the exhibitors, the organisers, the critics and the judges from around Australia. During the consultation process we were pleased with the level of use of and engagement by shows with the previous version of BPR’s.  We commend the 2020 update to all,” said Ms Louisa Rose, who chaired the ASVO Wine Show Technical Advisory Committee responsible for the updated BPRs.
The final 2020 ASVO Best Practice Recommendations are freely available to download from:

A timely update

The ASVO is a non-political organisation which promotes the exchange of technical information in the industry. It has long played an important role in the Australian wine show system, including the establishment of the 2015 ASVO Best Practice Recommendations (BPRs), which included a recommendation to review every five years.

“The adoption of many of the best practice recommendations of the 2015 ASVO Wine Show Review produced more robust and uniform show judging standards in Australia’s capital city and regional shows,” said Ms Louisa Rose. “The development of the 2020 ASVO Wine Show Best Practice Recommendations was a rigorous process that took nearly a year, with many conversations, consultations, subcommittees, meetings and drafts. We drew comments and information formally and informally from the wider show system, networks and organisations.”

Andy Gregory, Chair of the National Wine Show of Australia welcomes and strongly endorses the 2020 Best Practice Recommendations released by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology. “In a rapidly evolving global wine industry environment the Recommendations provide the requisite guidance to ensure the running and judging of Australian wine shows remains world class”