Alternatives to bentonite – what’s on the horizon

Jacqui McRae, Matteo Marangon, Ken Pocock and Paul Smith


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Steve Guy


Climate and variety influence pre-fermentative cold maceration

Richard Fennessy


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Larry Lockshin


Ethanol removal from wine: making more with less

Linda Manera, Bithika Saha, Peter Torley, John W. Blackman and Leigh M. Schmidtke


Examining the influence of specific types of matter other than grape (MOG) on wine sensory properties

Sophie C. Ward, Paul R. Petrie, Trent E. Johnson, Paul K. Boss and Susan E.P. Bastian


Grape destemming and sorting technology – developments in-winery and on-harvester

Simon Nordestgaard


Grape maturity and fermentation temperature influences on red wine phenolic extraction

Petra Faulkner, Paul R. Petrie, Anthony Robinson and Rachel Kilmister


Micro-oxygenation and its impact on polyphenols and sensory characteristics of Pinot Noir

Dominik Durner, Patrick Nickolaus and Hai-Linh Trieu


Oak alternatives: a balance between science and finance

Kerry L. Wilkinson, Sijing Li and Anna M. Crump


Organic nitrogen and its impact on flavour and aroma

Daniel Granès, Anne Julien-Ortiz, Jacques Rousseau and Lucile Pic


Rapid methods of phenolic extraction in red wine

Anna L Carew and Robert Dambergs


Tannin addition use in the production of red and white wines

James Harbertson, Giuseppina P. Parpinello, Hildegarde Heymann and Mark O. Downey