Growing better wine from the ground up

9:00am Friday, 4 June 2021
5:00pm Friday, 4 June 2021
Regional venues
Regional venues:
Barossa | Coonawarra | Mclaren Vale | Yarra Valley | Ararat | Wangaratta | Griffith | Orange | Hunter Valley | Stanthorpe | Margaret River |, South Australia 5000


Join us for the ASVO Viticulture Seminar Growing better wine from the ground up on 4 June 2021.
The impact of environmental, social, and financial change on the wine industry is making the process of growing wine more challenging by the year.
Soil health and vineyard floor management are critical factors in achieving high quality grapes and wine. June’s Growing better wine from the ground up seminar will cover key vineyard topics related to management of the vineyard floor, including ways to improve soil organic carbon, options for effective weed management and tips to optimise water use.
We are working with regional associations across Australia to bring this seminar close to home and avoid cross border travel. With a mix of streamed and live presentations in strategic regions across Australia you can’t miss this learning and networking opportunity.

Andy Clarke, The Dirt Dude
Vice-President, ASVO

Session 1: Financials Drivers to Change

This Session will focus on what financial levers drive the adoption of management practices. Topics covered will include landscape management through regenerative farming, the influence of market demands to change production strategies, macro market drivers of agricultural production, and financial incentive programs to increase farm biodiversity.

  • Chair, Brooke Howell, Yalumba
  • Robert Poole, KPMG
  • Peter Barrett, Linnburn Station
  • Hayley Pubrick, Tahbilk

Session 2: Vineyard Floor Management

Vineyard floor management is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining good soil function for the production of wine in a changing climate. This session will highlight issues such as the impact of various weed management practices on crop production, and the effects of undervine cover crops on mycorrhiza. With herbicide access and efficacy reducing in different parts of the world, we will also explore the future of weed management and alternative methods of control for different weed situations.

  • Chair, Dr Mark Krstic, AWRI
  • Mark Krasnow, Thoughtful Viticulture Ltd
  • Melissa Brown, Gemtree Wines
  • Joseph Marks, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Mercy Olmstead, Gallo

Session 3: Additives, management and plant response

Soil related plant response is often attributed to additives in the soil. This session focuses on some of the management practices and additives used in these situations. The impacts of cover cropping on the carbon cycle, improving moisture retention and yield in warm inland regions with additives, as well as the uses for bio stimulants and biochar.

  • Chair, Roberta De Bei, University of Adelaide
  • Professor Tim Cavagnaro, University of Adelaide
  • Sam Bowman, Bowman Viticulture
  • Dr Tommaso Frioni, University Cattolica Piacenza
  • Justine Cox, NSW DPI

Session 4: What’s next?

This session will offer thought-provoking discussion from 2019 Nuffield Scholar Richard Leask and several earlier speakers, who will contemplate solutions to existing problems, and how to build a vineyard of the future and approaching problems from a different perspective.

  • Chair, Andy Clarke, The Dirt Dude
  • Sam Bowman, Bowman Viticulturel
  • Melissa Brown, Gemtree Wines
  • Dave Gerner, Wine Australia
  • Richard Leask, Leask Agri
  • Hayley Purbrick, Tahbilk


Barossa | Coonawarra | Mclaren Vale
Yarra Valley | Ararat | Wangaratta
Griffith | Orange | Hunter Valley
Margaret River

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