2021 Oenology Seminar - registration

11:00am Thursday, 30 September 2021
3:00pm Thursday, 30 September 2021
Direct to device, South Australia 0000


Constant changes in markets, consumer preferences, regulation and lifestyles require winemakers to continually adapt and innovate to maintain their edge. This seminar aims to explore the changes and trends and challenges winemakers to realise opportunities by embracing the risks of innovation by providing real-life problems and case studies from winemakers that have to meet the challenge positively.

Major trends in the beverage market are towards new formulations providing new flavours and colours, and meeting consumer preferences around wellness and healthy lifestyles. Some producers are also responding to demands from a growing number of consumers for products that are low- or no-alcohol, or that carry sustainability credentials, including organic or other differentiating features. There are also opportunities to increase efficiency in winemaking, for example through robotics, artificial intelligence and better data management.

This seminar will feature experts from all sectors of the industry. Our mission is to provide every attendee with tools and actionable takeaways to help their business be in the best position to thrive as we navigate toward a more dynamic future for the wine industry


Session 1 Changes and trends; the shifting winemaking goal posts
Chair: Paul Smith, Wine Australia

Session 2 Being brave enough to make change. - pushing forward and embracing risk
Chair: Jason Amos, Lallemand

Session 3 Celebrating success- identifying problem, change management and innovation adoption
Chair: Sarah Crowe, Yarra Yerring


Due to ongoing COVID restrictions this will be a virtual seminar broadcast online direct to device.
Q&A sessions will be broadcast live. Some presentations will be recorings.
Each presntation will be made available to registered attendees post the seminar.

Group registrations
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$140.00 *
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