Navigating new winemaking trends-finding solutions to existing issues

Constant changes in markets, consumer preferences, regulation and lifestyles require winemakers to continually adapt and innovate to maintain their edge. This seminar aims to challenge winemakers to think outside the box as an industry and continue to challenge the way we make wine- why we make wine additions; why we filter; how we get our energy. Presenters will provide insight into the changes and trends and challenges winemakers to realise opportunities by embracing the risks of innovation by providing real-life problems and case studies from winemakers that have to meet the challenge positively.

Session 1 Global and domestic trends that are shaping winemaking

This session will set the scene for macro drivers, global and domestic conditions and the consumer preferences and trends that will be shaping winemaking trends in 2021 and beyond and how these will play out for Australian winemakers.

Robert JosephGlobal outlook
Wes PearsonWhat are the major shifts and trends
Jamie GoodePerspective on the challenges - what the future might hold
Richard HeathImperative to deliver ESG information to be relevant to modern markets


Session 2 Being brave enough to make change - pushing forward and embracing risk

This session explores the big areas presenting opportunities for innovation in our sector and discusses in depth how to embrace the risks and reap the benefits of responding to issues in innovative ways.

Gemma WestHow we adopt change in our business and accept failure when adopting innovation.  
Jamie SaintRisks and Rewards in No and Low 
Tessa MorrisTechnology or innovations for improved efficiency- investment in new technology, the risk and reward. 
Hon. Niall BlairZero waste and a Carbon neutral wine industry, the big picture.

Session 3 celebrating success- change management and innovation adoption

This session is driven predominately by case studies from practitioners. Delving into the experiences of those who have found ways to innovate.  Case studies will provide insight into identifying an opportunity, the process involved, determining risk and reward, how to keep momentum going forward.

Laura CarterInnovation and diversification within a wine business
Ashley RatcliffThe Art of Reinventing - Case study
Kate GoodmanTools and tolerance of commercial preservative free wine
Sue HodderWhy we need to think outside the box as an industry and continue to challenge the way we make wine

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Due to ongoing COVID restrictions this will be a virtual seminar broadcast online direct to device.
Q&A sessions will be broadcast live. Some presentations will be recordings.
Each presentation will be made available to registered attendees post the seminar.

Louisa Rose sets the scence.