Proceedings of a seminar held in Mildura on 24–25 July 2014.
Edited by Peter Dry.

Assessment of relationships between grape chemical composition and grape allocation grade
Paul Smith, Alexander Schulkin, Robert Dambergs, Stella Kassara, Sheridan Barter, Mark Solomon, Warren Birchmore, Chris Bevin, Leigh Francis and Keren Bindon

Challenging the dogma: What is the relationship between grapevine yield, fruit composition and wine quality?
Mike Trought

Factors influencing flavonoid accumulation in winegrapes
Simon Robinson, Mandy Walker, Rachel Kilmister and Mark Downey

Growing Cabernet Sauvignon at Wynns Coonawarra Estate – the influence of vintage, clones and site
B.W. Harris and A.C. Jenkins

Growing high quality Cabernet Sauvignon in Margaret River
Colin Bell

Growing high quality Shiraz in Central Victoria
Damien Sheehan

Growing high quality Shiraz in the Barossa
Chris Rogers

Importance of carbohydrates in managing seasonal variation in vineyard productivity
Jason Smith

Improving the relationship between yield and wine quality through irrigation and carbohydrate management
Peter Clingeleffer, Everard Edwards, Anne Pellegrino, Nicola Cooley and Rob Walker

Matching vineyard inputs to achieve desired winery specifications – while remaining viable
Andrew Weeks

Optimising harvest date through use of an integrated grape compositional and sensory model
Alain Deloire, Guillaume Antalick, Katja Šuklje, Campbell Meeks, John W. Blackman and Leigh M. Schmidtke

Optimising vine balance in Australian vineyards: development of a smartphone application to assess leaf area index
Roberta De Bei, Sigfredo Fuentes, Paul R. Petrie, Catherine Kidman, James Hook, Matthew Gilliham, Steve Tyerman, Cassandra Collins

Regions, wine quality and sensory measures in Cabernet Sauvignon
Susan E P Bastian

Relationships between harvest time and wine composition in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon
Keren Bindon, Cristian Varela, Helen Holt, Patricia Williamson, Leigh Francis, James Kennedy and Markus Herderich

The impact of leaf removal and the management of crop load on fruit quality – A European insight
Stefano Poni

Understanding the impact of cultural practices on fruit quality in California; application of GIS and remote sensing technologies in commercial vineyards
M.P. Mendez-Costabel

Vines and wines in a warming climate
Victor O. Sadras, Marcos Bonada, Martin A. Moran, Paul R. Petrie

Wine sector in review
David Lowe