RD&A News article on Wine Australia-funded project on optimising irrigation scheduling with Dr Vinay Pagay The Science of matching crop irrigation to actual water use

RD&A News article on Wine Australia-funded project with Dr Mike McCarthy Surface irrigation remains the best option

RD&A News article on Wine Australia-funded project with Dr Marcos Bonada Keep up the water during winter

Current projects

SAR 1701-2.1 Climate adaptation: developing irrigation strategies to combat dry winters with Chief Investigator Dr Paul Petrie

UA 1803-1.3 Plant sensor-based precision irrigation for improved vineyard water use efficiency, grape and wine composition and quality, and vineyard profitability with Chief Investigator Dr Vinay Pagay

Final projects

Final project report SAR 1302 Managing the impacts of climate change rainfall decline on vine balance and root activity

Journal publications

Deepak Gautam, Bertram Ostendorf and Vinay Pagay, Estimation of grapevine crop coefficient using a multispectral camera on an unmanned aerial vehicle, Remote Sensing 13, no. 13: 2639.

Deepak Gautam and Vinay Pagay, A review of current and potential applications of remote sensing to study the water status of horticultural crops, Agronomy, 2020, 10(1) 140

Matthew J Knowling, Bree Bennett, Bertram Ostendorf, Seth Westra, Rob R Walker, Anne Pellegrino, Everard J Edwards, Cassandra Collins, Vinay Pagay and Dylan Grigg, Bridging the gap between data and decisions: a review of process-based models of viticulture, Agricultural Systems, Volume 193, October 2021, 103209

Water management resources

The AWRI has a wide range of water management resources – including fact sheets, articles and webinars – to help growers to use their water most effectively, achieving yield and quality targets.