Proceedings of a seminar held in Mildura on 25-26 July 2012. Edited by Paul R. Petrie


Objective measures of grape and wine quality – Introduction

Wendy Cameron

A Lean approach to identifying wine value parameters

Chris J. Bevin

A perspective on grape chemical quality assessment to support streaming and harvest decisions

Michael T. Cleary, Hui Hui Chong, Phillip Chou, Nona Ebisuda, Natalia Loscos, Bruce Pan, Lee Raley, David Santino, Luis Sanchez, Qiang Sui, and Cyd Yonker

A synchronised viticultural and winemaking approach to achieve continuous improvement in wine quality

James C. Freckleton, Robin J. Nettelbeck, Daniel N. Newson

Chemical and physical measures of grape quality – how far can they take us?

Patrick G. Iland and Renata Ristic

Fruit quality assessment in the field

David McClintock

Getting fruit grading right and the impact it has on profitability

Ashley Keegan

Recent advances in objective chemical measures of wine quality

Paul Smith

The role of sensory assessment and consumer testing in assessing wine quality

Anthony J. Saliba and Maame Y. Blay

Towards the prediction wine outcomes from grape compositional measures

Paul K. Boss

Validation of an industry vineyard assessment system

Robert G. Dambergs

VinePAT, rapid automated assessment and grading of fruit quality

Rui C. Martins and António C. Silva-Ferreira

Vineyard characteristics used in assessment schemes: theory and practice

Peter Dry, Mardi Longbottom and Marcel Essling

What does the future hold for Australian vineyard managers?

Terry H. Lee O.A.M.

Wine grape descriptive analysis to examine sensory impacts of different vineyard management strategies and berry quality

Susan E. P. Bastian