Dr Anthony Robinson

Dr Anthony Robinson


Year you completed the AWRI Advanced Wine Assessment Course

Wine Shows

Wine ShowYearChair of JudgesPanel chairJudgeAssociate judge
The Adelaide Hills Wine Show2016NoNoNoYes
Barossa Wine Show2016NoNoNoYes
Cowra Wine Show2017NoNoYesNo
Cowra Wine Show2016NoNoYesNo
Cowra Wine Show2015NoNoYesNo
Cowra Wine Show2014NoNoNoYes
Cowra Wine Show2013NoNoNoYes
Cowra Wine Show2012NoNoNoYes
Cowra Wine Show2011NoNoNoYes
Geographe Wine Show2010NoNoYesNo
Geographe Wine Show2009NoNoYesNo
Perth Royal Wine Show2018NoNoYesNo
Perth Royal Wine Show2017NoNoYesNo
Perth Royal Wine Show2010NoNoNoYes
Royal Adelaide Wine Show2013NoNoNoYes
Royal Queensland Wine Show2005NoNoNoYes
Swan Valley Wine Show2010NoNoNoYes
Swan Valley Wine Show2009NoNoNoYes
Sydney Royal Wine Show2011NoNoNoYes
California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition2010NoNoYesNo
Los Angeles International Wine Competition2010NoNoYesNo
Los Angeles International Wine Competition2009NoNoYesNo