Mr Gary Baldwin

Mr Gary Baldwin


Year you completed the AWRI Advanced Wine Assessment Course

Wine Shows

Wine ShowYearChair of JudgesPanel chairJudgeAssociate judge
Australian Inland Wine Show1995NoYesNoNo
Australian Inland Wine Show1994NoNoYesNo
Australian Inland Wine Show1993NoNoYesNo
Australian Small Winemakers Show2005YesNoNoNo
Australian Small Winemakers Show2004YesNoNoNo
Australian Small Winemakers Show2003YesNoNoNo
Australian Small Winemakers Show2002NoYesNoNo
Australian Small Winemakers Show1997NoNoYesNo
Australian Small Winemakers Show1996NoNoYesNo
Ballarat Wine Show2001YesNoNoNo
Ballarat Wine Show1997NoNoYesNo
Ballarat Wine Show1996NoNoYesNo
Ballarat Wine Show1995NoNoYesNo
Boutique Wine Awards2018NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2017NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2016NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2015NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2014NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2013NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2012NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2011NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2010NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2009NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2008NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2007NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2006NoYesNoNo
Boutique Wine Awards2005NoNoYesNo
Boutique Wine Awards2004NoNoYesNo
Cairns Show Wine Awards1999YesNoNoNo
Daylesford Wine Show2009YesNoNoNo
Daylesford Wine Show2008YesNoNoNo
Hunter Valley Wine Show1981NoNoNoYes
Hunter Valley Wine Show1980NoNoNoYes
Hunter Valley Wine Show1979NoNoNoYes
International Cool Climate Wine Show2007YesNoNoNo
International Cool Climate Wine Show2006YesNoNoNo
International Cool Climate Wine Show2005YesNoNoNo
International Cool Climate Wine Show2004YesNoNoNo
Margaret River Wine Show2008NoYesNoNo
Margaret River Wine Show2002NoYesNoNo
McLaren Vale Wine Show1990NoNoYesNo
McLaren Vale Wine Show1989NoNoYesNo
National Cool Climate Wine Show2001NoNoYesNo
Perth Royal Wine Show2006NoYesNoNo
Perth Royal Wine Show1994NoNoYesNo
Perth Royal Wine Show1993NoNoYesNo
Perth Royal Wine Show1992NoNoYesNo
Royal Hobart International Wine Show2000NoYesNoNo
Royal Hobart International Wine Show1999NoNoYesNo
Royal Hobart International Wine Show1998NoNoYesNo
Royal Hobart International Wine Show1997NoNoYesNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2009NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2008NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2007NoNoYesNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2006NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2005NoNoYesNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2004NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2003NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2002NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2001NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards2000NoYesNoNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards1999NoNoYesNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards1998NoNoYesNo
Royal Melbourne Wine Awards1997NoNoYesNo
Royal Queensland Wine Show1993NoNoYesNo
Royal Queensland Wine Show1992NoNoYesNo
Royal Queensland Wine Show1991NoNoYesNo
Royal Queensland Wine Show1990NoNoYesNo
Royal Queensland Wine Show1989NoNoYesNo
Rutherglen Wine Show & Australian Fortified Wine Show2005NoYesNoNo
Rutherglen Wine Show & Australian Fortified Wine Show1999NoYesNoNo
Rutherglen Wine Show & Australian Fortified Wine Show1998NoNoYesNo
Rutherglen Wine Show & Australian Fortified Wine Show1997NoNoYesNo
Rutherglen Wine Show & Australian Fortified Wine Show1996NoNoYesNo
The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge2017YesNoNoNo
The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge2016YesNoNoNo
The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge2015YesNoNoNo
The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge2014YesNoNoNo
The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge2013YesNoNoNo
The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge2012YesNoNoNo
Victorian Wines Show2012YesNoNoNo
Victorian Wines Show2011YesNoNoNo
Victorian Wines Show2010YesNoNoNo
Wine Show of Western Australia2008NoYesNoNo
Wine Show of Western Australia2006NoYesNoNo
Wine Show of Western Australia2004NoYesNoNo
Yarra Valley Wine Show1993NoNoYesNo
Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Wine Show2000YesNoNoNo
Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Wine Show1999NoNoYesNo