Protecting and investing in our greatest asset - people

12:00pm Tuesday, 3 August 2021
2:00pm Tuesday, 3 August 2021
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Webinar 1 Protecting and investing in our greatest asset - people

Tue, August 03, 2021. 12:00pm – 14:00pm (AEST) 11:30am - 01:30pm (ACST)

People and organisational culture will ultimately determine the success or failure of your business. This session brings together International and Australian experts in human resources, psychology, workplace culture, industrial relations, entrepreneurship, health, well-being, diversity, equity and inclusion. It will address topics spanning the practicalities of employee relations, managing high (and poor) performance and retaining talent. We will explore leadership, how workplace culture functions and provide practical advice to optimise culture change. The important aspects of building resilience during uncertain times, mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion will frame the session with practical advice for immediate application.

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