A major objective of the ASVO is to promote education in viticulture and oenology and help ensure and maintain the highest standards of quality for such educational objectives. One area of interest is the ongoing development of advanced sensory skills. These sensory skills may be used by ASVO members in their current employment or for the purpose of becoming a future wine show judge. Ultimately, by furthering their sensory education they will be able to contribute to the wider wine industry.

ASVO Advanced Viticulture Course Scholarship

The Advanced Viticulture Course (AVC) Scholarship is designed to support practising viticulturists with an interest in innovation who will benefit from attending an intensive course on the latest techniques and technologies in viticulture. Participants will travel in a small group across a number of SA regions to visit sites and meet practitioners who are at the cutting-edge of Australian viticulture.

The course will explore a range of practices and new technologies that are delivering improvements in vineyard efficiency, sustainability and profitability. Participants will hear from experts, taste wines from viticultural trials and discover new developments. Interaction among participants and with the course presenters will enhance learning and help drive innovation in Australian viticulture.

2022 AVC Recipient

This isn't a 'scholarship'. I see it as an act of faith by the ASVO and an unwritten social contract I am now obligated to fulfil in order to repay that faith.

It was fantastic to be surround by so many industry professionals I strongly respect.

To those I've shared a beer or wine in a hotel room at 3am with, a winery floor or vineyard after a day of work, an exam, or vintage - those members who I cheekily heckled whilst they gave a speech at their daughters 21st, or asked for career advice - those members who I shared a shot of Amaro with, pub crawled or drank Krug at the Exeter with after graduation. The ones who studied with me until 4am.

Those industry members I don't simply respect. I love those members.

Mentors. Excuse me for name dropping here. I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from, and now work with some of the finest minds in the Industry. Thank you to all of the below (and I'm incredibly sorry if there is someone I've missed!)

Alone, we accomplish very little. Collectively we can make magic happen.

Thank you to the ASVO for bringing us together once again.

Rhys Fitgerald


To be eligible for the ASVO AVC Scholarship entrants must

  • Have been an ASVO member for a minimum of 12 Months.
  • Be financial ASVO members at the date of the submission.
  • Members may self-nominate or be nominated by a third party.

Key dates

Entries open: 1 March 2023
Entries close: 30 April 2023

Making a submission

Submissions will only be considered if they are submitted either online or by email on the downloaded application form to: asvo@asvo.com.au.

We recommend that you download the application first, before completing it online.

  • Download Entry information here
  • Submit application here

Terms of scholarship

  • The scholarship provides 100% of course fees to attend the AWRI AVC.
  • Scholarship recipients must attend the allocated placement at the AWRI AVC.
  • Any additional travel cost are the resposbility of the applicant.

Entry receipt and the subsequent judging process

  • The scholarship recipient will be selected by panels of independent judges.
  • The scholarship recipient may be asked to provide further PR material including a relevant video, footage or high resolution imagery for use in public relations activities.
  • The scholarship recipient will be announced at the ASVO Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner.
  • The annual awards ceremony celebrate excellence across the grape and wine sector honouring outstanding winemakers, viticulturists, researchers and students involved in the development of novel and significant innovation, practice or publication.

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