To provide our member community with knowledge, connection, and ongoing professional development


To connect and develop people, ideas and research.


Integrity, Knowledge, Innovation, Connection

Value proposition

ASVO is your pathway to industry excellence. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, we have you covered. From best practice, and credible scientific knowledge, to valuable networking or ongoing professional development, we are the only organisation that has it all in one place. We represent a community of passionate members who show us every day it’s not only what you know, but whom you connect with that matters.

Future Vision

People of all backgrounds and levels in the wine industry will join and retain membership in ASVO because they will highly value the content and engagement.






Professional Development

• ASVO is focused on members’ needs.
• We are accessible and useful at every career stage.
• We will invest more in cultivating relationships, partnerships, and collaborations.
• We strive for strong long-term relationships with the industry.
• We will optimize our members’ experience on our website, social media, and other key platforms.
 • ASVO will develop a deep understanding of the content needs and preferences of members and potential members of all interests and levels.
• ASVO will expand and improve the breadth, quality, and timeliness of content which members find interesting and relevant.
 • ASVO will design, develop, and implement a training curriculum and a mentoring plan.
• We will recruit ambassadors to share knowledge.