• Director (past) Wine Australia Corporation where he served for 6 years.
  • Director (past) of 6 wine companies, none current.
  • President (2008-2010) Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association Director (1985-1991)
  • President (1990-1991) Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Chair (2014-2015) Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology Best practice recommendations committee
  • Chairman of the Royal Hobart Wine Show, the Perth Royal Wine Show and the Hong Kong International Wine Competition

The wine industry has benefited immensely from the many talents of Dr Tony Jordan. Whatever he turned his hand at wine scientist, consultant, teacher, winemaker, wine show judge, vineyard owner, throughout his illustrious career Dr Jordan succeeded through his amazing intellect, tenacity of spirit and generosity of sharing his skills and experience. He graduated with 1st class Honors from the University of Sydney and then, in 1970, completed a PhD in Chemical Physics which led to his early career in research in the USA (University of Houston) and UK (University College London). He returned to Australia in 1974 and took up a lectureship in Chemistry and was made coordinator of the (then) new Wine Science course at Charles Sturt University. Dr Jordan is part of the historical fabric of the ASVO joining the Board not long after its formation and guiding the Society in its early years as as Secretary and President. Dr Jordan committed considerable time and energy to public service benefiting the Australian wine community sharing his expertise with other grape and wine industry bodies serving on the board of Wine Australia, Presidency of the Yarra Valley Winegrowers Association and, importantly, as a mentor for numerous members of the grape and wine community.

“I am honoured to accept the generous invitation to become a Fellow of the ASVO. Accepting this invitation to become a Fellow of the Society reminds me of the importance I have always placed in education, research, maintaining technical rigour, improving standards and contributing to various industry bodies via board memberships” Dr Jordan.

He has been a champion of the Australian wine show system both as a judge and Chair and as an advocate of best practice recommendations to ensure that Australian wine shows are robust, transparent, engaged and relevant.

"His contribution to the applied technology and the development of rational practice in small and medium wineries, is unparallelled" Brian Croser