Corrina Wright has dedicated herself to the development of innovative wine styles made from alternative grape varieties on her historic family vineyard. She led the planting of the first Mencia in Australia, on the back of being an early adopter of alternative varieties, with a particular focus on planting varieties that are heat and drought tolerant, with high natural acidity and with a different flavour profile to traditional varieties.

With a clear commitment to the future of the industry, Corrina has further extended her involvement in the wine industry by being a key instigator and contributor in the Winemakers Federation of Australia (now Australian Grape and Wine) development of the Diversity and Equality Charter (DEW) for the wine industry. Her leadership on cultural change for the wine community has also included her advisory board position on the Australian Women in Wine Awards (AWIWA), and her contribution to the creation of the sold out ‘Hear Me Roar’ Shiraz -the world’s first wine produced by women to raise funds for women in wine with 100% of profits from sale go to assist women to flourish and succeed in their chosen profession in the Australian wine industry.

“It is very humbling to be nominated by my peers and to be in such luminary company as my co-nominees and the previous recipients of this prestigious award.” said Corrina,

“Innovation and contribution to the wider wine and regional communities has been a strong theme in the previous generations of my family, and I am very honoured to be continuing this great tradition.”