2018 Pest & disease management for healthy vineyards

The program offered expert presentations and real case studies to maximise the impact of control efforts and managing vineyard pests and diseases. 


Key speakers

  • Ollie Powrie Villa Maria, New Zealand Topic; non-chemical Botrytis management
  • Andy Clarke from Yering Station describing life living with phylloxera
  • Cath Kidman from Treasury Wine Estates presenting her insights on clonal selection for vineyard longevity.
  • Vaughn Bell from New Zealand to provide updates from his team on virus management
  • Jim Pekin from Queensland.  insights from the banana industry after recent significant outbreaks of Panama and Banana Freckle diseases.

Planning committee

Dr Mardi Longbottom, AWRI
Kristy Bartrop, Cassella Management
Dr Paul Smith (Wine Australia)

Regional hosts

Thanks also to our regional hosts

David Wollan (Melbourne)
Kristy Bartrop (Griffith)
Hugh McCullough (Launceston)
Jarrah Prior (Margaret River)
Mike Hayes (Stanthorpe).