2018 Fermentation: Converting Research to Reality

This seminar provided wide opportunities to address current challenges about topics including microbial ecology in wild ferments, the use of non-Saccharomyces yeast, microbial contribution to regional wines, using oxygen to enhance fermentation performance, controlling colour and tannin extraction, and managing problematic fermentations.




Planning committee

Thanks to all the members of the planning committee, Dr Eveline Bartowsky (Lallemand), Matt Holdstock (AWRI), Dr Anthony Robinson (TWE), Dr Simon Schmidt (AWRI), Dr Alana Seabrook (Laffort), Dr Alison Soden (TWE), Dr Paul Smith (Wine Australia), and David Wollan (Memstar). These people all took time out of their busy schedules to plan, organize and oversee this event.

Regional hosts

Thanks also to our regional hosts David Wollan (Melbourne), Kristy Bartrop (Griffith), Hugh McCullough (Launceston), Jarrah Prior (Margaret River), and Mike Hayes (Stanthorpe).


Associate Professor Paul Grbin