The (other) Three Rs: Risk, Reward and ROI

12:00pm Tuesday, 10 August 2021
1:30pm Tuesday, 10 August 2021
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Webinar 2 The (other) Three Rs: Risk, Reward and ROI

Tue, August 03, 2021. 12:00pm – 01:30pm (AEST) 11:30am – 01:00pm (ACST)

Growing grapes and making wine are risky endeavours and overall, we do those well. Putting a price on that risk and establishing sustainable returns is too often done poorly. This session brings together a group of insightful speakers who bring an objective outsider’s perspective on how to price risk, margins and benchmarking, and an update on today’s investor/shareholder landscape – even if that means the next generation of the family.

Session Chair IntroductionAshley Keegan, FABAL
Succession planningNikki Owen, Finlaysons
Why are those gross margins so important?Philip Gregan, NZ winegrowers
The price of riskTim  Mableson, KPMG
Equity funding and return on capital in the wine sectorMarc Soccio, AgInfinity
The investor landscapeStephen Strachan, Langley & Co.


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