Establishing new vineyards

1:00pm Friday, 4 August 2023
4:00pm Friday, 4 August 2023

With the average age of Australian vineyards sitting at around 40 years, many growers are faced with decisions about what to do with vineyards that are showing declining yields and quality and ageing infrastructure. This year’s ASVO seminar will provide much needed information on both maintaining established vineyards and setting up for success if the decision is to rework or replant.

4 August 

Establishing new vineyards
This seminar brings together information about establishing data friendly vineyards, irrigation design for better water management, automation, optimising early vine growth, nutrition and weed control

 Start   1:00 PM ACST | 1:30 PM AEST | 11:30 AM AWST
Finish  4:00 PM ACST | 4:30 PM AEST | 2:30 PM AWST

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$100.00 *
$100.00 *
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Mr Allan Barr
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