We are putting a unique spin on one of the sessions at the next Oenology seminar. Instead of the traditional role of researchers pitching their solutions & findings to the attendees we want you to present your pain points to a panel of experts and research managers, who may (or may not) have the right solution for the problem. It will be thought-provoking and will spark a fruitful discussion on the challenges of identifying and solving pain points.

What are Pain Points?

Put very simply, a pain point is a specific problem that you face, e.g. something that you are aware of, which bothers you and which needs improvement. There are, of course, different types of pain points, which are often grouped into four
broader categories: Financial pain points, productivity pain points, process pain points and support pain points.

Have you ever stopped and thought "I can't believe this is the way we still do this... there must be a better way."  We want you to help us to identify limitations and work together to find solutions through innovation.  

The ASVO Oenology seminar is looking for submissions of your “pain points” for discussion at this years’ seminar.  Submit a short (no more than 2 minute) video telling us about your “pain point” , why it is significant to you and your role and how it could benefit the broader wine industry.
Top submissions will be selected by voters. Those selected will have the opportunity to bring their frustration to the table at this years’ seminar for discussion with a panel of industry representatives and the top selected pitch will win a "Le Nez du Vin 24 red and white sensory pack".

Share your point point