New phylloxera detection in Victorian Phylloxera Risk Zone

Vinehealth Australia and Australian Grape and Wine Inc (Australian Grape & Wine) advise that phylloxera has been detected in a commercial vineyard located at St Andrews in a Phylloxera Risk Zone in the Yarra Valley.

The strain of phylloxera detected has been confirmed as G1; the same as that found in the Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) also located in the Yarra Valley.
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Nominations open for Fellow of the Society

Nominations for Fellow of the Society are now open. Each year the Society considers applications for Fellows. Fellowship is the highest honour the Society can bestow on a member  who has made a significant contribution to the industry and the professional body over a sustained period.
ASVO members are encouraged to consider nominating members of the Society who are deserving of this recognition.The deadline to complete an online nomination for Fellow, is July 31, 2019
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Nominations open for ASVO AWAC Scholarship

Highly sought after the 2019 ASVO Scholarship to attend the Advanced Wine Assessment Course (AWAC) is now open. The ASVO Scholarship is a nationally competitive scholarship which offers high-achieving individuals an opportunity to undertake professional development in wine assessment administered by the Australian Wine Research institute (AWRI).
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Keeping yeast and winemakers happy

Keeping yeast happy and on track to complete fermentation is one of the many challenges facing winemakers during vintage. Throw in the untimely and somewhat unpredictable events such as heat waves, high baume fruit and subsequent high alcohol wines, and you have the ingredients for fermentation problems.
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Research in action

We are seeking researchers who are actively involved in a field or laboratory trial during the 2019 vintage period to have their work featured in our Research in action campaign.
If you or your researchers/students are interested in being part of this campaign, please send your photo and caption directly to Chris Waters [email protected]. For more information call Chris on 488 488 416

New Associate Editors appointed

The Society is delighted to announce the appointment of five new Associate Editors to our Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research. Dr Christopher Davies, CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Dr Diego Intrigliolo, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Assoc. Prof. Paul Petrie, South Australian Research and Development Institute,  Prof. Steve Tyerman, University of Adelaide and Dr Liz Waters, Wine Australia
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2019 Vintage update

Harvesting is in full swing in almost every vineyard across Australia with many frantically coping with an inundation of fruit. Some regions like New England have already finished. We have a reduced number of Members providing a report as they race to get ripened grapes picked in time.
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Smoke taint in grapes and wine

Recent bushfires have cast a pall of smoke over several winegrowing regions and maturing grapes exposed to smoke compounds may present a potential risk to quality.
Growers and winemakers should familiarise themselves with the management options for smoke-exposed fruit.
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A Call to action

There have been several detections of brown marmorated stink bug and recent biosecurity alerts have called for grapegrowers and winemakers to be on high alert. We encourage you to  stay up to date with information about this significant exotic pest threat.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) publishes timely information about new detections, government responses, community roles and how to identify BMSB. We advise you to visit their website to stay up to date with information about this significant exotic pest threat.

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New national appointment to safeguard against Xylella

Craig Elliott has been appointed to work with a national steering committee and coordinate the program to safeguard the nation against Xylella, an exotic bacteria that threatens more than 350 commercial, ornamental and native plant species in Australia.
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Australian Grape & Wine announces grapegrowing representative board members

The newly formed Australian Grape & Wine (formerly Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) and Australian Vignerons (AV), recently announced the appointment of four Directors who will bring to the Board the views of four committees – Large Winemakers, Medium Winemakers, Small Winemakers and Vignerons. The representative Directors will serve for an initial term of one year.
The directors representing the interests of grape growers are:

  • Heather Webster, Independent grower and Chair Wine Grape Council SA
  • Andrew Weeks, Managing Director, Rivawine Collaboration, Riverland, SA
  • Mardi Longbottom, Independent grower and Senior Viticulturist Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Colin Bell, Viticulturist and Director, AHA Viticulture, Western Australia
  • Ben Rose, Viticulturist, Performance Viticulture, Victoria (Permanent Alternate)