Inputs to outputs is less, more ?

Date(s) - 18/11/2014 - 19/11/2014
All Day

 Input to Outputs – is less more?

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The Adelaide seminar will investigate the efficient use of inputs throughout the production chain. We have two overseas speakers; Associate Professor Jim Harbertson, who is an extension oenologist from Washington State University. He will speak on tannin additions and how best to use them. Our second overseas speaker is Professor Dominik Durner from the Department of Oenology and Food Technology, Weincampus Neustadt, Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum (DLR) Rheinpfalz. He will discuss optimising the use of Micro-Oxidation for different red wine varieties and styles. Starting with the vineyard; local speakers will include Simon Norgestgaard (AWRI) who will present a review of digital grape sorting technology; Sue Bastian from the University of Adelaide who will discuss the impact of green berries and petioles on red wine and Peta Faulkner (DEPI Victoria) who will look at the impact of grape maturity on phenolics. Covering fermentation and stabilization; speakers will include Leigh Schmidtke (Charles Sturt University) who will speak on alcohol management and Anna Carew from the University of Tasmania, who will speak about rapid methods for phenolic extraction in red wine. Post fermentation; Kerry Wilkinson (University of Adelaide) will review oak alternatives, Don Bruce from Treasury Wine Estates will speak on Lightweight bottles and Larry Lockshin (UniSA) will cover efficient use of your marketing spend.


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