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FMR Group Ltd is a family owned company located in Marlborough, New Zealand and in Adelaide, South Australia, specialising in the supply of mechanical equipment solutions to the viticulture industry throughout Australasia via a network of exclusive dealers.
FMR Group distributes a number of leading machinery brands which are either designed and manufactured in-house following our passion for innovative design and development, or sourced from one of our exclusive European suppliers.
Omnia Specialities Australia is a leading manufacturer of humate and fulvate products based in Victoria Australia. Omnia Specialities has been manufacturing humate soil conditioners and fertilisers in Australia since 1990. Only the best quality leonardite is used in the specialised process, yielding the most concentrated humic acids in the world.
Omnia’s product range has expanded to include trace elements, foliar fertilisers and kelp products, all with an organic base, mostly organically certified