2017 Mildura Attendees

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Jason Amos Lallemand
Kristy Bartrop Casella Family Brands
Rob Bramley CSIRO Agriculture and Food
Mike Briers University of Technology – Sydney
Chris Brodie Wingara Wine Group
Bruce Cleaves Queensland (QWIA) Member
Kerry DeGaris Killanoola Proprietors
Kathy Evans University of Tasmania
Darren Fahey NSW Department of Primary Industries
Stephen Gensemer CSIRO
Paul Grbin University of Adelaide
Ros Harvey Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Matt Holdstock The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Jo Jones University of Tasmania
Fiona Kerslake University of Tasmania
Mark Krstic The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Mardi Longbottom The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Brett McClen Brown Brothers
Simon Nordesgaard The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
Vinay Pagay University of Adelaide
Maria Paz Diago Institute of Grapevine and Wine Sciences (ICVV)
Shelley Ray-Brennan Kingston Estate Wines
Mary Retallack Retallack Viticulture
Liz Riley Vitibit
Anne Ruston Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources
Mark Skewes The South Australian Research and Development Institute
James Sullivan Wingara Wine Group
Mike Trought Lincoln University