2017 Adelaide Presenters



Associate professor Oliver Tomic
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Oliver Tomic holds degrees in process engineering (MSc, 1998), gas-sensor array technology (so-called electronic nose, PhD, 2004) and applied statistics (MSc, 2014). Oliver worked 17 years as a researcher and data analyst at the department for sensory and consumer science at the Norwegian food research institute Nofima. During that time, he was the head of development of the open source data analysis software tools “PanelCheck” (performance monitoring of sensory panels) and “ConsumerCheck” (analysis of sensory and consumer data). Oliver also co-authored the textbook “Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science”. In his four years as a senior research scientist at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health he analysed patient registry data to measure the quality of health care services at Norwegian hospitals. In September 2017, he joined the data science research group at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in his role as associate professor.

Paul Smith
The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)




Patricia Williamson
The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)

Patricia Osidacz Williamson is a Senior Sensory Scientist at AWRI having extensive expertise in sensory studies involving both trained panels and consumers. Patricia holds a Bachelor degree in Food Engineering from the Campinas State University (Brazil), a Master’s degree in Food Science from the University of Illinois (USA), an Applied Sensory Science and Consumer Testing qualification from UC Davis (USA) and is in the final stage of completing a PhD at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, UniSA. She was part of the Consumer Insights teams at E&J Gallo Wines in California and Unilever Brazil and UK.

Her recent project work includes understanding of wine consumer needs in China and the drivers of preference to obtain information for wineries to produce the right wine for the Chinese market, understanding of the interplay of wine sensory characteristics and extrinsic attributes such as packaging, price and brand to consumers.

Sue Bastian
University of Adelaide





Dr Renata Ristic
University of Adelaide

Dr Renata Ristic is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide. Renata’s expertise covers various components that contribute grape and wine quality, consumers’ preferences and objective measures of Shiraz wines quality, and strategies for flavour and alcohol modifications.

Dr Ristic’s most significant contribution to the field of wine science to date, has been her research into the impact of bushfire smoke on grapevine physiology, and the composition and sensory properties of grapes and wine. Having published 18 papers on smoke taint, they are considered the lead authority on this topic. Dr Ristic’s research has made significant progress towards understanding the effects of grapevine exposure to smoke, and has provided grape and wine producers from around the world, with improved methods for detecting and ameliorating smoke taint in grapes and wine.

Prof Russell Keast
Deakin University Centre for Advanced Sensory Science

Toni Paterson MW

Leigh Francis
The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)

Lucas Danner
University of Adelaide

Marcel Kustos
University of Adelaide

Richard Gawel
The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)