Awards Advisory Committees

The Award Advisory Committees have been established to provide an accountable and transparent framework process for the receipt, evaluation and recommendation to the ASVO Board of Directors of nominations for Honours or Awards.

Committee Composition

The ASVO committee will be identified from members of the ASVO and will be formed with due regard to the balance of gender, geographical location, and expertise.


  1. Develop a list of award candidates based on the criteria provided by the ASVO Board,
  2. Provide a recommendation to the ASVO Board of the top three candidates in order of preference,
  3. Provide a final report to the ASVO Board that articulates the achievements of the top three candidates and a recommendation for the selection of a winner.

Award Criteria

ASVO Award finalists demonstrate the following attributes:

  1. A broad positive contribution to the Australian wine industry and / or community; examples may include but are not limited to – leadership in regional, state and national wine industry committees or associations, the driving force behind innovative practices, technologies or standards, or outstanding budget/financial management.
  2. Evidence of improvement from standard viticulture and winemaking practices.
  3. Demonstrable integration of the outcomes of their contribution or innovation into the culture of the nominees’ organisation.
  4. Demonstrable efforts to share the outcomes of their contribution or innovation with the broader wine industry in either a regional, state or national capacity.

Award Advisory Committees

Winemaker of the Year

Louisa Rose Chair
Tony Battaglene (Industry body community)
Paul Grbin (Research community)
Sarah Pidgeon (SA)
Gary Baldwin (VIC)
Frank van de Loo (NSW / ACT)
Fiona  Kerslake  (WA / TAS / QLD)

Viticulturist of the Year

Peter  Dry Chair
Andrew Weeks (Industry body community)
Cas Collins (Research community)
Colin Hinze (SA)
Mark Krstic (VIC)
Kristy Bartrop (NSW / ACT)
Tony Proffitt  (WA / TAS / QLD)

Viticultural Paper of the year

Tony Proffitt
Richard Hamilton
Russell Johnstone
Catherine Kidman
Liz  Riley
Alex  Sas

Oenology Paper of the year

Alana Seabrook
Mark Gishen
Bob Dambergs
Iain Jones
Alison Soden
Malcolm Allen

Fellow selection committee

Kristy Bartrop
Di Davidson
Brian Croser
Paul Henschke