Winemaker of the Year – don't be shy

Entries are now open for this year’s Winemaker of the Year award. It is a great achievement to be nominated for this prestigious award and we encourage you to apply.

If winemaking isn’t your thing, check out the other awards here.

The Winemaker of the Year award recognises significant innovations, but they don’t have to be major projects in big wineries – just evidence of forward thinking that could help improve the future of the industry.

Join the elite list of winners who have received one of the industry’s top honours.

  • 2014 Sue Bell
  • 2013 Louisa Rose
  • 2012 Wendy Cameron

If you are a winemaker trying new approaches to any aspect of winemaking, or you know someone who deserves the award but is too humble to nominate themselves, submit an application today.

This year’s winner will also receive free registration for The 16th AWITC & TE 2016 at the Adelaide Convention Centre next July.

 Nominate someone (or yourself)  here.

Entries close at the end of September.


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