2018 Adelaide Presenters




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Dr Alison Soden
Dr Anthony Borneman
Sam Wigan
Dr Eveline Bartowsky
LallemandEveline Bartowsky is an Applied Microbiologist for Lallemand Australia. Currently, Eveline oversees all of the applied research projects and winemaking trials in Australia and New Zealand and is a representative of the Lallemand global Oenology R&D team. She also provides technical microbiological and fermentation support to the wine industry. Following a Ph.D. in microbiology from The University of Adelaide, Eveline undertook postdoctoral studies in Sweden (Umeå University) and the USA (Washington University Medical School, St. Louis) working with cephalosporin (b-lactam antibiotic) resistant bacteria. After a brief diversion to entomology investigating the biological control of stored product pests, Eveline joined The Australian Wine Research Institute as a Senior Research Microbiologist leading the wine bacterial research team and Manager of the AWRI Wine Microorganism Culture Collection; her research focused on wine bacteria and MLF, wine aroma and flavour, yeast and polyphenolics interactions and minimising wine spoilage by lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria.
Geoff Cowey
Dr Paul Smith
Dr Gemma Beltran

Gemma Beltran is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Oenology of the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain), and researcher at the Wine Biotechnology Group of this university.  Her research has been mainly focused on wine yeast ecology and physiology, analysing the biochemical and physiological mechanisms of yeast adaptation to wine making.  In recent years, her research has also been related to study the synthesis of bioactive compounds by yeast, such as melatonin, and their role as antioxidant molecule. She has published around 40 research papers on international journals, and participated in several national and European projects, as well as contracts with the wine industry.

Dr Martin Day
Dr David Block
Dr David Jeffery
Dr Alana Seabrook
Dr Ana Hranilovic
Dr Simon Schmidt
Dr Warren Albertin
Prof. Vlad Jiranek
Sue Bell
Sam Wigan
Dr Paul Henschke
Dr Irina Santiago-Brown
Jane Faulkner