Viticulturist of the Year advisory committee


Liz Riley
Committee Chair

Liz is based in the Hunter Valley as an independent viticultural consultant. As a specialist generalist she has been driving the adoption of best practice in the region. This has encompassed setting up regional demonstrations and facilitating workshops to engage the local grower community with concepts and practices that they were unlikely to otherwise explore. The key projects over the last few years has been the “Field Demonstration and Evaluation of heat stress/sun protection products (sunscreens) to improve Semillon wine quality”, Precision Viticulture and the use of insectary plants (informal) as well as ongoing engagement in regards to pest and disease management . The local work has resulted in some practices being tweaked for local conditions which has in turn made them more successful and resulted in adoption. Local winemakers have also been engaged in the process as appropriate to support these activities.

Ben Rose
(Industry body community)

Ben grew up in the wine industry and started Performance Viticulture almost 20 years ago. While he still has an active involvement with the family vineyard he also maintains clients throughout Victoria and internationally. He is also a rural property valuer.

Ben is the Victoria & Tasmania representative on the Australian Vignerons Executive Committee. He has held this position since August 2014.

Cas Collins
(Research community)
Colin Hinze
Mark Krstic
Kristy Bartrop
Tony Proffitt
(WA / TAS / QLD)