Board of Directors Nomination

Nomination Process

Through a Call for Nominations, the ASVO Secretary begins the work of identifying candidates for the vacated positions. Once accepted by the Secretary as a valid nomination, the slate is voted on by the membership via electronic voting. Successful nominees will be notified mid November and will be required to join the board after the AGM.

Board Commitment

Ideal candidates will possess the following qualifications:

  • Support from employer/colleagues for the time and financial commitment required to attend the following meetings:
    • Two hour-long Board call on the third Thursday of every second month.
    • 2-3 face-to-face meetings each year (typically a 1 ½ day commitment)
    • Attendance at the annual AGM (coincides with one of the face-to-face Board meetings)
  • Ability to spend 4-6 hours per month on Board / Committee activities outside of the monthly meetings including completing assignments that have been given to Board members.
  • Willingness to wear an “industry hat” (to contribute beyond personal business interests for the good of the membership and the industry).
  • Creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to identify and develop new products and services benefiting the ASVO membership.
  • Ability to act with integrity and make decisions – financial and otherwise – for the good of ASVO.
  • Willingness to recruit “New Members”.
  • Willingness to actively promote ASVO.

Expense Reimbursement

When incurring ASVO business expenses, ASVO expects personnel to exercise discretion and good business judgment with respect to those expenses, and to be cost conscious and spend ASVO member’s money as carefully and judiciously as the possible.

Wherever possible, Directors are asked to obtain full or partial funding for travel related expenses from their employers or from grants and will only reimburse Directors if there is no other source of travel support.

Nomination Form

Please fill out the following information completely. State your name as you would want it to appear in all official references. Include on this form at least two professional references.

By submitting this form, you give the ASVO Secretary permission to contact your references. You confirm that all information submitted is true and verifiable. You also confirm that you are prepared to fulfill all obligations of an ASVO Board Member should you be voted in by the ASVO membership.

Nominations must be completed with a proposer, seconder and nominee. Please ensure that you have checked that the proposer and seconder are financial members and that they endorse your nomination or your nomination may be deemed invalid.

The closing date for nominations is 5pm CST, 17th August 2018.

For a nomination to be valid, the nominee, proposer and seconder, at the time of their signing of the nomination form, shall each be:
(a) a financial Member
(b) a Member who has not been found guilty in a disciplinary process of the Society.

Board of Directors Nomination

  • Regional Directors shall be proposed, seconded and (if required) elected only by those members eligible to vote and located in the respective region. They shall commence their Board membership every even year.
  • Please provide a brief statement of the nominee’s background; experience; interest in the Society and potential benefit to the Society so that; if a ballot is required; the information can be provided with the voting papers for the information of voting Members.

    The statement shall:
     (i) not include text in quotation marks or attributed to others;
    (ii) not include graphic images or other non-written presentation of information;
    (iii) only include statements that are factual in nature; and
    (iv) be limited in length and content to not more than 170 words on present and past employment and experience; followed by not more than 60 words on Society interest