Wine Show Judge Register

What is the Wine Show Judge Register

One of the ASVO’s Wine Show Committee’s objectives is to establish a register of judges in order to capture and record all relevant judging information for these people who have judged at any regional, national or international wine shows. This database will record judge and associate judge training and experience. This information will then be available for use by wine shows when sourcing and selecting suitable judges and will enable the monitoring of wine show judges professional development.

How to register your wine judge experience

We encourage all judges, who wish to have their judging experience and training records on the database to complete the Wine Show Questionnaire below.

For more information on the wine show project or the ASVO contact:

The Secretariat
Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
Postal Address: Wine Industry House, Corner Botanic & Hackney road, ADELAIDE, 5000.
T. +61 488 488 416