Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research

The Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research


This international journal is sponsored by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, and publishes results from original research.

Subject areas include vine and wine science as well as product technology relating to table grapes and dried vine fruits, grape juice, wine and distilled spirits. Vine science relates to any aspect of grapevine biology including physiology and pathology. Wine science covers molecular, microbiological, biochemical and production aspects of wine making. Grape product technology relates to crop production issues and transformation of grapes into a marketable product.

We consider papers that extend our knowledge of grapevine biology and improve our understanding of production issues. Articles include original reports, critical reviews and technical notes. All papers will be assessed for scientific merit and will always be examined by at least two suitably qualified referees.

Our goal is to facilitate prompt publication of high quality vine and wine science, and make this new knowledge available worldwide via print and electronic media.

Articles published in the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research are indexed by CAB (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences Information), Chemical Abstracts, IFIS (International Food Information Service), Vitis-VEA and by the Institute for Scientific Information in CURRENT CONTENTS (Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences).