ASVO Advanced Wine Assessment Course Scholarship

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Sponsored by Seguin Moreau Australasia


  • Entries open: April 3rd 2017
  • Entries close: May 5th 2017
  • Scholarship Awarded: July 3rd 2017
  • Scholarship Recipient attends the 2017 AWAC: July 2017 to June 2018
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A major objective of the ASVO is to promote education in viticulture and oenology and help ensure and maintain the highest standards of quality for such educational objectives. One area of interest is the ongoing development of advanced sensory skills. These sensory skills may be used by ASVO members in their current employment or for the purpose of becoming a future wine show judge. Ultimately, by furthering their sensory education they will be able to contribute to the wider wine industry.


The Advanced Wine Assessment Course (AWAC) Scholarship is an initiative of the ASVO with support from the Australian Wine Research institute (AWRI) and is made possible through sponsorship from Seguin Moreau Australasia.
The scholarship is designed to support applicants who have the potential to become wine show judges to develop the sensory analysis capabilities and the vocabulary to judge wine in Australian at an elite level.

Seguin Moreau Australasia is proud to be the founding sponsor of the ASVO AWAC scholarship. Seguin Moreau Australasia has been involved for a number of years with Australian research institutes to help educate future winemakers about oak production and use in winemaking. Servicing Australasia since 1980, they import Wine Barrels, Oak Alternatives and Vats, manufactured in France and America. They enjoy a worldwide presence servicing all major wine regions throughout the world, with a commitment to sustainable development of the oak industry through continual innovation. This is to ensure that it always anticipates the requirements of winemakers throughout the world.

All AWAC are held at the Australian Wine Research Institute in Adelaide. AWAC is an intensive four-day course which includes approximately 40 hours of activities, with leading wine show judges, journalists and winemakers assisting in the presentation of the coursespbysm


  • To be eligible for the ASVO AWAC Scholarship entrants must be financial ASVO members at the date of the submission.
  • Members may self-nominate or be nominated by a third party.
  • Entrants who are nominated by a third party must agree to the nomination.


  • Submissions will only be considered if they are submitted either online
  • or by email on the downloaded nomination form to: [email protected]
  • Please do not send any original documentation or CDs / DVDs / flash drives. These will not be returned or considered as part of a submission.
Online Entry Form  here
Download Entry Form here


  1. The scholarship provides 100% of course fees to attend the AWRI AWAC.
  2. Scholarship recipients must attend the allocated placement at the AWRI AWAC.
  3. The scholarship recipient will be required to cover the cost of travel and accommodation associated with their attendance at the four day course in Adelaide.
  4. Download full terms & conditions here


  • The scholarship recipient will be selected by panels of independent judges.
  • The scholarship recipient may be asked to provide further PR material including a relevant video, footage or high resolution imagery for use in public relations activities.
  • The scholarship recipient will be announced at the ASVO Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner. The annual awards ceremony celebrate excellence across the grape and wine sector honouring outstanding winemakers, viticulturists, researchers and students involved in the development of novel and significant innovation, practice or publication.


  • Entrants may register for the Advanced Wine Assessment course by entering into the ballot for any AWAC courses held. However gaining a placement through the AWRI process does not make the entrant eligible for the ASVO scholarship.
  • Entrants who are unsuccessful at receiving the ASVO scholarship are not excluded from the AWRI process.
  • Visit for more information.