Executive Board

Dr Mardi LongbottomMardi longbottom
General Director

Mardi began her career in viticulture in 1992 helping to establish her family’s vineyards in the Limestone Coast. Shortly afterwards she gained her BAgSci(Vit Sci) and worked in technical and vineyard management positions in Coonawarra, the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Mardi’s professional experience includes teaching viticulture in the undergraduate and post graduate programs at The University of Adelaide, where she also completed a Masters and PhD in Viticulture, as Viticulture Research and Extension Associate in Virginia, USA, as a viticultural consultant and in her current role as Senior Viticulturist at the AWRI. Her current activities include research into N2O emissions from vineyards and extension of technical information about greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and climate change to the grape and wine sector.
Mardi has been an ASVO member since 1995 and is particularly interested in fostering the sustainability of the Australian wine industry through advocacy and advancement of our stakeholders based on world class research.

Dr Anthony Robinson
Vice President
General Director

Tony is currently employed as the Technical Winemaker with Treasury Wine Estates based at Wolf Blass Winery in the Barossa Valley. He started his career in the wine industry in 2000 in Western Australia and has worked in a range of roles in the wine industry from retail and research to viticultural management and winemaking. Tony completed a BSc in Horticulture and Viticulture (Hons) from the University of Western Australia and University of Adelaide in 2003. After a few years working, he returned to University where he undertook his PhD at Murdoch University and UC Davis supported by CSIRO Plant Industries and funded by GWRDC. His research explored the use of analytical chemistry, sensory science and multivariate statistics to assess the regional character of Cabernet Sauvignon. The results of this research have been published in 10 scientifically peer reviewed publications and through presentations at technical conferences in Germany, France, USA and Australia.

Tony has previously worked in winemaking roles in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and New Zealand, participated as a committee member for the Wine Industry Association of Western Australia’s Technical committee, the WFA WINEC Committee as the WA Representative. He has been a Board Director for the ASVO since 2014 and a member of the 16th AWITC Planning committee. Tony also brings a diverse range of wine show experience having judged at a number of wine shows across Australia and the United States and has been a member of the Perth Royal Wine Show and Margaret River Wine Show committees. Collectively he has participated in 41 wine shows over the last fifteen years in either an organisational or judging capacity, and was a co-author of the 2015 ASVO Wine Show Best Practice Recommendations.

Society interest: Tony has been a member of the ASVO since 2004 and is passionate about the Australian grape and wine industry. He brings a range of research, viticultural, winemaking, and wine judging skills to the ASVO board with a broad and integrated industry perspective. Tony hopes to make valuable contributions to ASVO technical seminars, the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, and the Australian Wine Show system.

Brett McClenBM1
General Director

Brett is the Chief Viticulturist for Brown Brothers, a family owned company which has been making wine since 1889 and produces a large range of innovative, varietal wines.  Brett oversees the management of approximately 900 Ha of company-owned vineyards spread across 7 sites throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Brett graduated with an Honours degree in Agricultural Science in 1996. After spending 2 years working as an irrigation advisor for a Rural Water Authority, Brett has spent the past 15 years working in large-scale vineyard management in highly varied climates ranging from Sunraysia to North-East Victoria to Tasmania.

With extensive experience in commercial vineyard management, Brett has a strong understanding of viticultural management and the key drivers of vineyard profitability in various climates.

Society interest: Brett is very keen to make an industry contribution and to bring some of his experience and perspective and to help the ASVO in achieving its objectives

Matt Holdstock
General Director

Matt is a Senior Oenologist in the Industry Development and Support Group at the Australian Wine Research Institute. He graduated from Flinders University in 1996 with a BSc majoring in chemistry, and commenced at the AWRI in the Commercial Services laboratory the same year. Matt completed a postgraduate degree in oenology in 2003 at the University of Adelaide. He has worked vintages in Sonoma Valley in 2003 and Bordeaux in 2006. Matt has judged at several Australian wine shows, and participates in tastings for the AWRI’s sensory panel, the Advanced Wine Assessment Course, Winestate Magazine and Wine Australia’s Export Approval panel (2009-2012). Matt has also lectured at the University of Adelaide, Wine Australia, WSET, the Institute of Masters of Wine and the Interwinery Analysis Group. In his current role Matt provides technical advice to winemakers on a daily basis to help solve production issues and provide support for best practice wine production. Matt is also involved with research projects on Brettanomyces, wine packaging, wine flavours, taints and faults.

Kristy BartropKristy Bartrop
Regional Director – New South Wales

Kristy has been the Industry Development Officer at the Wine Grapes Marketing Board since August 2008. The Wine Grapes Marketing Board is a statutory authority that represents over 400 independent Riverina wine grape growers. This diverse role involves everything from meeting with State and Federal Ministers to collecting petiole samples.

Prior to this employment she has worked as a Research Assistant at CSIRO Land & Water, Food Industry Liaison Officer and Teacher at Riverina TAFE, and Laboratory Technician at NSW Department of Primary Industries, Orlando Wines, Sunrice and Allgold Foods.
Kristy has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science) and a Masters of Management by Distance Education through Charles Sturt University whilst working in the Riverina. She is currently undertaking a second Masters degree by Distance Education in Ethics and Legal studies. Kristy is also a participant in the 2012 Wine Industry Future Leaders program.

Kristy is passionate about the future of the Australian wine industry and believes the ASVO’s provision of the latest research findings and technical information is invaluable for the industries viticultural and wine making professionals.

pgAssociate Professor Paul Grbin
Regional Director – South Australia

Paul is Associate Professor of Oenology and has been involved in the Australian wine industry for more than 25 years, in retail, production, teaching and research roles. He is a qualified winemaker and completed a PhD while working at the Australian Wine Research Institute. Paul’s teaching comprises aspects of wine microbiology, packaging and quality management, and fermentation technology. His research interests largely focus on wine microbiology, including the physiology of wine yeast and lactic acid bacteria as well as the importance of sustainable practices for the control of grapevine diseases, and the efficient and effective biological treatment of winery wastewater. Paul also established the University of Adelaide’s Wine Alumni Network.

Saturday June 18 2016 photo: Phillip BiggsTasmanian Leaders Program, Northern Integated Care, Launceston.Dr Fiona Kerslake
Regional Director – Western Australia, Queensland & Tasmania

Research Fellow at Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
August 2009 – Present

  • Research topics include:
  • Sparkling wine viticultural practices
  • Pinot noir viticultural practices
  • Novel winemaking technologies to hasten sparkling wine quality
  • Objective measures of sparkling wine quality and in-line sensing of juice quality
  • Cool climate yield stabilisation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Provenance of Pinot noir wines

Participant in the 2016 Tasmanian Leaders Program.
‘Tasmanian Leaders Inc. (TLI) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation … that facilitates leadership enhancement opportunities for high potential leaders.’
PhD candidate at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
Not-for-profit Board President at Pedder Patter Child Care Centres Inc.
October 2012 – July 2015
ASVO Fresh Science judge 2016 16th AWITC
ASVO Winemaker of the Year 2016 judge
AICD – Governance Foundations for Non-For-Profit Directors 2016

Society interest
As a researcher, Fiona has a keen interest in seeing the integrity of the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research maintained and is acutely aware of making sure the interests of the smaller regions are adequately represented at a national level, particularly in the seminars and awards that are delivered by the ASVO.

Dr Mike Trought20121211_TroughtMike
General Director

Mike Trought moved to New Zealand from the UK in 1978. After a period with DSIR in Auckland, he managed most of the early grape research in Marlborough, as Officer in Charge of the new Marlborough Research Centre.   From 1992 to 2000 he was Senior Lecturer in Viticulture at Lincoln University.  He joined Villa Maria Wines as their Marlborough Regional Viticulturist in 2000, and since 2004 has been Principal Scientist with Plant and Food Research at the Marlborough Wine Research Centre.  Mike is currently bringing his expertise in carbohydrate physiology, fruit set, flowering, and nutrition to the Centre’s grape and wine research projects, investigating how ‘terroir’ and vine management influence juice composition and in turn the flavour and aroma of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and the prediction of grapevine yield. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Lincoln University, and Associate Editor, Australian Journal Grape and Wine Research, and in 2009 he was selected as the New Zealand Wine Industry Personality of the Year.
Mike believes in promoting good science in a useable form to the Australian and New Zealand grape and wine industries.  The ASVO, through publications, workshops and seminars is key to providing technical progress in a competitive environment.  As an associate editor of the society journal he is actively involved in promoting the society in New Zealand and elsewhere.

David Wollan DW
Regional Director -Victoria

David graduated from the Wine Science course in Wagga Wagga in 1979. From 1979 he spent 4 years as winemaker at Arrowfield Wines in the Hunter Valley before moving to the Yarra Valley to establish Tarrawarra Vineyard. He managed it and was chief winemaker for 12 years. In the early 1990s, he formed the company Wine File to develop a PC based winery management system. In 1994, with colleague Gary Baldwin, David established Wine Network, where, as a director and consultant, he spent a number of years advising wineries in Australia and elsewhere concentrating on the development and application of membrane separation technologies. David invented processes for smoke taint removal and alcohol reduction and is currently pursuing a master’s degree by research at the University of Adelaide.